The Countdown for Santa Rosa is on!

A few months ago my brother-in-law, Jake called me out of the blue. He never calls me. I knew something was up. He had an idea about doing a relay. My answer was an immediate yes! I get all the glory...I get to cross the finish line running 13.1 miles! Today begins my training for the 2017 triathlon season. It's fitting that yesterday was the celebration of the Chinese New Year, year of the rooster. Jake named our team: Two Cocks and a Hen.  My brother-in-law Jake is doing the swim. My brother-in-law's friend Jim is doing the bike. As you can tell my brother-in-law has a great sense of humor! 

Santa Rosa is only a hop-skip-and-a-jump from my little spot here on the edge of the world. I love Northern California. This is a newer race for Ironman. There is also a full Ironman which I tentatively have on my wishlist. The idea of doing a race that does not involve me having to ship my bike always has my interest. When Jake suggested doing this as a relay I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to check this area out for a future Wonder Wagon Adventure.

The race is Mother's Day weekend. What better way to celebrate Mother's Day! Last year I did a triathlon for Mother's Day~Dunes Triathlon at Honeyman State Park. Mr. W is going to be at a conference that week. I am becoming familiar with doing races solo~but not, as I am doing a relay! As always it's going to be an adventure. Out of the three disciplines of triathlon, running is my favorite. I have a time goal for this race. Reading the race guide, the run is a shaded, flat face 2-loop course. I am using Train Like a Mother half marathon, finish it plan. I am going to weave in an olympic triathlon plan~for swim and bike workouts. My friend Miranda and I have been trail running once a week for the past month so my endurance is slowly building. I love having a training plan it makes my life so much easier. I like structure and predictability.


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