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The Chugging Mommas: The Best Team at Barrel to Keg Relay

I know summer is almost over and here I am just now writing about my awesome experience running my first ever Barrel to Keg relay back in July. Even though it was almost two months ago it feels like just yesterday (minus the throbbing feet and a few toenails). The race was a fabulous experience that still makes me smile when I think about it.  I met some wonderful new friends and had a total blast! I love how the proceeds from the race benefit a local non-profit that help local individuals in Lincoln County overcome poverty.  

Our team the Chugging Momma's pictured right to left: me, Gway, Holly, Kelly, Kelsey, Felicia & Jen. 
Over the course of the day our seven member team ran a total of 69 miles. Each of us running two 3-7 mile legs. The route had us run through scenic back roads of the Oregon Coast range. We started at 7am at Harris Bridge Vineyard in Philomath and ended at the Rogue Brewery in Newport and were reward with a much deserved beer and tasty dinner. 

This was m…