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Don't Under Estimate the Motivational Power of the Sound of Cowbells: ElkHorn Relay 2016 Race Report

Left to right: Megan, Gail, Clayton, Erin, Preston, Holly, Kara, Me, Alycia, Jillian, Feather & Miranda
Team Carrion-On at the start of 2016 Elkhorn Relay at Hilgard State Park 
Last year my friend Gail, a local triathlon and running legend in our community and also my girls' cross country and track coach asked me if I would be interested in participating in doing the Elkhorn Relay in Eastern Oregon, a 204 mile relay put on by Doomsday Racing. She was putting together a team of 12 ladies to do the inaugural race. She told me to visit the website, where I read that each person would run a total of three times, each leg between 3-7 miles over a 24 hour period. The relay climbs the backside of Anthony Lakes reaching 7,100 ft. altitude then then down through the Grand Ronde Valley ending at River Side Park. Unfortunately it was the same weekend as the girls' annual Missoula Children's Theatre and I was not able to do it.  I was secretively thankful at that time to already …

Barrel to Keg Relay July 16, 2016

Last year my friend Gway and I put together a team to do our very first relay, Barrel to Keg. We both had never done a relay before but both had it on our running bucket list. She recruited a few friends. I recruited a few friends. None of our friends knew each other, at the end of the relay we were all fast friends. We had a fabulous time and agreed that we must do it again. The year flew by and as in the way relays work a few of the ladies from last year were unable to do it. We scrambled a bit to find enough people but as fate works, the right and perfect ladies presented themselves  just a few days before the relay. Gway and I both agree that we are not competitive when it comes to this relay. We are all about having fun and encouraging each other. It's okay if you don't like Jack Black, but absolutely NO divas allowed. 

Last year our team was the Chuggin' Mommas. As we were trying to decided a theme and costume ideas for this year we decided upon Nacho Momma's. How…

Victoria Half Ironman Race Report June 2016

Victoria Half Ironman was a gift from my husband, Mr. W when I turned forty in September. It was that scary big goal of maybe one day. Before I could officially declare I was ready I had a email in my inbox telling me differently. I didn't have the luxury of coach. Majority of my training was done solo. What I did have was friends who encouraged me and said "YES, Mary you totally can do a half Ironman distance," they planted the seed for this accomplishment. I found a half Ironman distance plan online. Actually a lady posted a picture of her calendar and our race dates were the same. I purchased a big calendar and wrote out the 20 week plan in detail adding swim workouts from Swim Workouts for Triathletes by Gale Bernhardt & Nick Hansen and adding strength training exercises from my physical therapist and yoga.  I wished I had a coach but I was consistence and determined and I stuck to my bootlegged training plan. As the date for my race neared all of my well laid p…