Life is in the Details and Color Coded When Training for an Ironman

The longer I am married, living at The Edge of the World I realize that our family is not normal. I mean that in the most loving and positive way. First, being married almost seventeen years to Mr. W is a bit of an oddity in itself. We still really like each other after all these years. I still get excited seeing Mr. W walk through the door each evening when he comes home from work. I mean what lady doesn't like a good looking man in a uniform? Married to spouse in the fire service is difficult. The fire service has one of the highest divorce rate next to police and military families.  Most spouses bad days don't consist of doing CPR on person and then consoling a wife who just lost her husband of 30+ years. Life and death are common dinner table conversations in our house as well as the dark/quirky humor that one is used to the fire service of 20+ years. Our family appreciates life because we all know first hand how quickly life can change. We hear it over the scanner every …

The Countdown for Santa Rosa is on!

A few months ago my brother-in-law, Jake called me out of the blue. He never calls me. I knew something was up. He had an idea about doing a relay. My answer was an immediate yes! I get all the glory...I get to cross the finish line running 13.1 miles! Today begins my training for the 2017 triathlon season. It's fitting that yesterday was the celebration of the Chinese New Year, year of the rooster. Jake named our team: Two Cocks and a Hen.  My brother-in-law Jake is doing the swim. My brother-in-law's friend Jim is doing the bike. As you can tell my brother-in-law has a great sense of humor! 

Santa Rosa is only a hop-skip-and-a-jump from my little spot here on the edge of the world. I love Northern California. This is a newer race for Ironman. There is also a full Ironman which I tentatively have on my wishlist. The idea of doing a race that does not involve me having to ship my bike always has my interest. When Jake suggested doing this as a relay I thought this would be th…

Ardor Adventures: Ambassador 2017

My friend Ed Cortas, the man behind Ardor Adventures on the Central Oregon Coast is in the process of selecting ambassadors for 2017. I am excited to be named an Ardor Adventures ambassador for 2017 to help Ed grow his races and connect local runners. If you are interested in learning more about Ardor Adventures please visit the website and like Ardor Adventures on Facebook. Ardor Adventures already has races planned for 2017. My goal in the new year is to be more active on my blog, writing about training, races and life in general. 
The next upcoming race is Arctic Circle Turkey Trot November 24th at 8:30am at Port of Newport South Beach Marina.  There is a 15k, 10k, 5k and a 1 mile kids run. Proceeds of this event will go to support two local elementary schools in Newport, Oregon.

Ardor Adventures Dia de los Muertos 5k Race October 29, 2016

My youngest daughter goes through my running and triathlon medals often. I have about fifteen hanging on my curtain rod in my kitchen from various races the past few years. My youngest daughter isn't into running. When she had shared with me a few months ago that she wanted to do a running race and get her own medal I was excited for find a race for us to do. 
When I saw the race announcement from Ardor Adventures for the Dia de los Muertos 5k and saw the beautiful medal design and t-shirt I knew that my younger daughter would love it. I signed both my daughters and myself up. 

As the race neared I was prepared for rain and darkness but amazingly the weather turned out to be perfect~cool and sunny! The start/finish line was the the Yaquina Bay Bridge in the parking lot of the Rogue Brewery. There was plenty of parking. Ed Cortes, Race Director put a lot of time and detail into the race from the beautiful design of the medal and to the post race entertainment.

The course was flat …

Ironman Chattanooga 144.6: Team Wapiti

When I was training for my first half Ironman last spring, my friends Alycia and Miranda were my biggest supporters. Miranda and I would bike together for my long bike rides. Alycia traveled with me to Victoria and served as my Race Logistics Coordinator when I completed my half Ironman in June. During the last few months of training the three of met weekly at a local Mexican restaurant were we discussed life, training and counted down the days till IMCHOO over tacos. I remember when Miranda excitedly announced 100 days till race day. 
The Universe created the right and perfect conditions for me to join my friends for this epic conclusion to a year of training. It was the perfect scenario, they had an extra room in the house and I had enough airline miles for an airline ticket. Then BOOM, before we knew it we were landing in Chattanooga, with race day only a few days away. 
Chattanooga was more diverse than I thought it would be. I never thought in a million years that I would enjoy …

Don't Under Estimate the Motivational Power of the Sound of Cowbells: ElkHorn Relay 2016 Race Report

Left to right: Megan, Gail, Clayton, Erin, Preston, Holly, Kara, Me, Alycia, Jillian, Feather & Miranda
Team Carrion-On at the start of 2016 Elkhorn Relay at Hilgard State Park 
Last year my friend Gail, a local triathlon and running legend in our community and also my girls' cross country and track coach asked me if I would be interested in participating in doing the Elkhorn Relay in Eastern Oregon, a 204 mile relay put on by Doomsday Racing. She was putting together a team of 12 ladies to do the inaugural race. She told me to visit the website, where I read that each person would run a total of three times, each leg between 3-7 miles over a 24 hour period. The relay climbs the backside of Anthony Lakes reaching 7,100 ft. altitude then then down through the Grand Ronde Valley ending at River Side Park. Unfortunately it was the same weekend as the girls' annual Missoula Children's Theatre and I was not able to do it.  I was secretively thankful at that time to already …

Barrel to Keg Relay July 16, 2016

Last year my friend Gway and I put together a team to do our very first relay, Barrel to Keg. We both had never done a relay before but both had it on our running bucket list. She recruited a few friends. I recruited a few friends. None of our friends knew each other, at the end of the relay we were all fast friends. We had a fabulous time and agreed that we must do it again. The year flew by and as in the way relays work a few of the ladies from last year were unable to do it. We scrambled a bit to find enough people but as fate works, the right and perfect ladies presented themselves  just a few days before the relay. Gway and I both agree that we are not competitive when it comes to this relay. We are all about having fun and encouraging each other. It's okay if you don't like Jack Black, but absolutely NO divas allowed. 

Last year our team was the Chuggin' Mommas. As we were trying to decided a theme and costume ideas for this year we decided upon Nacho Momma's. How…